SUV Forced One- Pathetic Vehicle

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SUV Forced One- Pathetic Vehicle

Exterior Exterior is decent looking and that?s a personal choice. Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) Only good part is space as it beats everything else here, but rest all is extremely poor and disappointing including various parts, finish, nut bolts everything. Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Total disappointment, average fuel economy of around 10-11kmpl. Gear box is a disaster. Ride Quality & Handling Car is normally stable on road but at high speed at above 100-110 kmph it makes sounds and rattles like it'll blow apart, very noisy, shaky, makes squeaking noise from almost everywhere, very high vibrations, tiring.Final Words I have driven this vehicle for almost 33000 kms now in approx. 17 months. It?s nothing more than a science project by some engg students, that?s the best I can say. It has constant problems and I have spent more than 30 days at various intervals getting it repaired for 100 diff problems. Fuel tank is faulty and gives incorrect reading, console displaying various readings are mostly incorrect, and gear is horrible. Had worst experience in Ladakh where it won start in the morning at sub zero temperature and then I was told that it has no cold start kit (how stupid). Even in North temperature of around 1-3 degrees it takes it at least 20 kms of ride before engine starts rattling bad vibrating like crazy. All parts be it engine fans, AC, handles, locks, nut bolts, hinges, vipers, seats are v v v poor and have been changed or repaired. It actually sounds and behaves like a truck / bus with similar kind of sound, vibrations, gear and ride quality. I am surprised how could Govt. allow this vehicle on road as in my opinion it?s not safe and is dangerous due to various in built flaws. Even the dealers are sick and tired of the product and cannot do anything except for keep repairing it again and again. Coolant leakage is frequent. In less than 6 months the vehicle had started squeaking and making strange noises. Worst thing is that its resale after one year is not even 50% of the price paid to buy. Totally available and better go for Tata Safari or anything similar. This is the most poorly build vehicle in its category. Areas of improvement If you try to improve it you'll end up building a new car all together.

ద్వారా hemant gupta
On: జూలై 20, 2013 | 5970 Views
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    On: Jul 20, 2013 | 5970 Views
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Force One
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manoj abraham
Apr 15, 2017 2:19:03 AM

I am pretty satisfied with the vehicle. Space-- Best in the lot Engine power-- Best in class 2200 CC Ride comfort -- excellent Mileage- reasonable ,if you are a good driver and can shift to 5th gear fast then at constant steady speed of 65-75 km/hr you can get upto 16 km/lit.In city it is 12km/lit A/C -3 rows vents but looking for more powerful AC for 3rd row. Spares -Few item available only in show room.[Most of the regular parts available even in Force tempo traveller work shops ]

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Apr 19, 2017 8:57:59 PM

Dear Manoj, I see that you have given a very brief Review. Could you give more info like when you have got the vehicle and model, location I mean in detail, as I know few owners are extremely happy with Force ONE. awaiting for the reply Thank you

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    Dec 7, 2016 8:36:07 PM

    if have so much pain in ur ass, why dont u sell it off (even in scrap) eh hemant gupta and other fools who are creating wrong publicity of a descent vehicle

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      Dec 8, 2014 8:58:14 PM

      I am more worried if I have been ditched by selling a defective piece by the company/dealer. I have been using SUVs for last more then 25 years and this is the first SUV of which I am afraid even to drive on highways as almost every 300 KMs a new defect is developed. In present case the vehicle covered hardly 500 KMs after repairs / service and again break got failed with my family on board. The speedometer suddenly stopped working and fuel guage starts stops freequently. About AC & other fitments no words to criticise as they simply do'nt perform.

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