• badarinath asked on 5 Dec 2019

    I knew that current Jeep Compass is BS4 one ( NOT TRIAL HAWK). My question for the current petrol and diesel variants is: Are all of them BS6 ready? please confirm whether we can go ahead to buy it or do you recommend us to wait till April 2020 for a BS6 compliant Compass?

    • badarinath
    • on 9 Dec 2019

    Noted, spares & Service are available for Bs4 compass.few more questions please1. Do we really have to get scared of our current bS4 vehicles we use now? I mean I heard many rumours saying that the diesel/petrol for Bs4 will no more be available in future, is that really true? 2. Because of the same, all the current BS4 vehicles will have huge crash in their re sale value and availability of spares and service. is that also true? Please clarify. 3. I use currently Renault FLUENCE diesel -Manual, Currently even though the vehicle is no more, spares/service for it are available for me on call, Considering my above said questions/confusion, I am a little confused on my decision to change my car right away and buy a BS4 Compass ( I am currently getting a very good deal of INR 2.5 lacs +, discount on Bs4 compass) or do you recommend to wait for BS6 compass only ?4. Basically my FLUENCE car is still in very good condition even @80k Kms. and as per the renault service technicians I can easily use it for further more 50k Kms. agreed that it has already a low re sale value now, will the value gets further crashed in future after April -2020, I mean when all companies gets in to BS6 mode? Need your genuine recommendation on plan of action to sell and buy which compass BS4/BS6 &when?

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    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 6 Dec 2019

    Jeep Compass is not BS6 ready and if you are in a need of car now than you can go with the BS4 engine as there won\'t be any issue in future with the availability of spears and service once BS6 engines are launched.

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